17th Ramadhan 1431 H

Friday, 17th Ramadhan 1431 H

a message from a friend came to my cellphone when adzan subuh was filling the morning air. The message reminds me that today is 17th day of Ramadhan. Oh God.. time rolling so fast..

Then, when i went for jumatan pray at noon, the khatib discuss about reading Al-Quran in his speech. He said that how Imam Syafii could khatam Al-Quran 60 times in every Ramadhan. And now, how about us..?? We’re too lazy to touch Al-Quran, We’re too busy to our business. Whereas, Al-Quran will be our protector when judgement day come.

Then i thought, how can I so often read novels, while reading Al-Quran wasn’t. 17th Ramadhan is Nuzulul Quran, when Al-Quran sent down as revelation to prophet Muhammad. The revelation for all humankind, the guidance for humankind. While me..?? too busy reading novel..

Oh God.. forgive me..
And thanks to someone who told me that today’s 17th of Ramadhan..


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