Shalat Berjamaah is 27 Times Better Than Shalat Alone

A few weeks ago, I went to the movie at Braga City Walk with a friend of mine. While waiting for the movie began, I went to the mushola at the basement for Maghrib praying. After took wudlu, and came into mushola, I prepare for pray. There’re some people who were praying each. I was looking for someone who will pray together with me. Then, an arabian man with “gamis”, traditional clothing for Arabian people, came into mushola.

He looked at me and gave me a signal for pray together, and I said “ok..” then asked him to lead the pray. He shout the iqamah before we pray, he lead the pray and I become his makmum. His intonation and style for bring Surah Al-Fatihah is very different from most of Indonesian people. Well, maybe they use Arabian language everyday and everytime, but we don’t, hehehe. While we’re praying, then came another Arabian man who became masbuk beside me. So, I prayed flanked by two Arabian men.

After finishing the prayer, the man who lead pray, spoke to me with Arabian language. I didn’t get what he spoken, but I understood what he talked about. He talked about the reward obtained from praying together is 27 times better than praying alone.

Then, the man who became masbuk began to spoke. He can spoke in English, he translated what his friend’s talks. He repeated about praying together is better than praying alone. I nod my head for showing my agreement with their statement.

The prayer leader said that Indonesian people were so selfish, they pray each. Why they didn’t pray together. Al-Quran instruct us to pray together, why Indonesian people still pray each..??

Superheroes aja mau diimamin shalat sama wali sanga.. kenapa kita gak shalat berjamaan yah..?? hahaha..

Hmmm, I just wondering.. why Indonesian peope are so selfish ya..??? just wanna share..


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