Praying on the rocks..

Two weeks ago, i went to Cilautereun, Pameungpeuk, South Garut, West Java. I went there to check the water treatment installation with 4 other members of team. First of all, we checked the pipes and the water treatment plant. Then, we went to observe intake structure, that divert water from the source, the river, Cipalebuh river. We went to intake structure, placed beside the riverside. We also checked the basin which collect water. And, as my habit, i took a little tour around riverside.

While I was taking the tour, I found this moment. And, God, it made me freeze for a second.

A single man was praying on the rocks at the riverside. Nowhere place, that can be a wonderful place for pray, except praying outdoor. It feels like you can directly grateful to God of His creation. Well, just wanna share for that moment. And yeah, that’s one of the reason I do like outdoor activities. We can directly grateful for the God’s creations.


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