Indonesian People’s Weaknesses – pt.1

Hi American, Israeli, or anyone who wants to dominate and control Indonesia and all it’s resources.. Let me tell you some about the characters of Indonesian.Well, just like Katsumoto says in The Last Samurai : “Knowing your enemy is halfway to win the war..” So, if you plan to dominate and control Indonesia, you have to know the character of most Indonesian people.

1. Most of Indonesian People are easy to provoked

Well, yeah, you just throw a case and attach some idea, attach some opinion, which can provoke them into chaos. They media will focus to one case that has big selling point, and they will forgot about another case. So, you can penetrate to them by divert their interest, while you attack another area of Indonesia.

Another case, you can make them war to each other easily. You just incite them with some case, especially a sensitive case like their religious difference or ethnicity. You can make them war, while you penetrate their defenses.

2. Indonesian people have no strong belief

Although most of them are moslem, but I can assure you that they have no strong foundation to their religion, Islam. The religion that they claim only to be written in their identity cards. They claim they’re moslem, but they doesn’t follow what their religion rule says. They have no idea about what they trust as religion. Well, in my opinion, people who have no strong belief are easily to be affected.

You can easily attack their mind with something destructive, using media. For example, Use (what they’re called) “sinetron“, or maybe something more camouflage things like Facebook, Twitter, or something else. You just attach some destructive things into their media that frequently and widely used by them. You can make them have weak mind, you can make them can’t think, can’t make a reason. And oh yeah.. you can easily attack their young generation by this strategy.

For your info, currently, they are easily change their mind and easily incite, because their ability to belief something right are weaker, or maybe not even exist.

3. Most of Indonesian people are stupid!!

Why..?? hahaha.. actually they have a bad habit. Most of their men are smokers, even their youngster, and now, their woman are start to be smokers. Most of them have slogan “No days without smoking”. Well then, some research about smoking said that smoking lowers IQ. Here some articles about that case :,2933,172019,00.html

And you can find another articles on Google. Yeah, most of them are really stupid. Actually, money that they use to buy cigarettes, they can use for better things, or they can save for their future. And damn, they’re really-really stupid right..?? smoking has become their lifestyle. Another funny thing, cigarette industry in Indonesia is one of the biggest industry that has the biggest income.

4. Indonesian government is held by people who are greedy and have no qualification

In my opinion, the government’s duty (especially in republican state) is to prosper his people. Well, because the government itself has been greedy, insane by wealth, and insane by power, they have no time to take care of their people. It’s people have no trust to the government. This situation, if you smart enough to provoke them, can be a revolution of this country. People against the government. You can find a lot this case in Indonesian province or district.

Well then, I just have 4 of their characters, there’s another characters of Indonesian people. If you wanna share, i would be glad to hear it from you.. =B if you want to dominate and control Indonesia. Nyahahahahahaha..!!

Actually, they are a rich and strong country and maybe they can be one of the powerful countries in the world if they realize and improve themselves from their weaknesses. But they aren’t realize yet.. hmmm, just wondering if Indonesia become one of the powerful countries in the world.. haha..


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