Democracy Makes Me Sick..

There’s this illusion that democracy promotes freedom. But let’s look at what actually goes on. In a democracy, all you can do is hope that the majority of people agree with you. In a dictatorship, all you can do is hope that the dictator agrees with you. In neither case do you ever get to choose anything, for liberty can only exist on an individual level. So, What differences does it make if you’re being oppressed by a despot or by a mob?

As well, democracy is founded upon one group imposing their will on others. You get more people on your side, and you get to force others to do your bidding. This, absolutely immoral, and as well, think about it this way: A society where it is strictly forbidden to impose your will on people, presumably because of cultural norms, would be extremely Anti-Democratic since nobody would be able to vote on whether to pass any laws, but it would be extremely Pro-Freedom since nobody would be imposing their will on others.

There’s also a myth that democracy ensures that the least amount of people get screwed. First of all, it’s very seldom that there’s a landslide in politics. Even if there is, the majority could be wrong. As well, if one group of people doesn’t get to impose their will upon others, that’s seen as them imposers getting screwed, but again, imposing your will upon others is NOT a legitimate right, so the whole concept is screwed.

There’s the myth that democracy ensures that only qualified people get elected to office. Of course, Plato debunked that myth back in the day, and besides, you need not look any further than Dubya to realize that that claim is absurd. As well, in most “Democracies,” most people don’t stand a chance of winning an election simply because of the socio-economic status they were born into.

In conclusion, democracy is really no better than a dictatorship, and it does absolutely nothing to promote liberty.

Hell yeah.. that’s true.. Democracy is sucks..!! you choose democracy, you choose chaos..


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